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Glamour High Tea

Glamour High Tea is Maree Stuartt's signature event.

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Want to add pizzaz to your life and share a fun, memorable experience with your friends?

Glamour High Tea is the ultimate makeup experience. These exclusive events are an indulgent harmony of friends, fancy food and make-up mastery.

Your decadent experience begins in Maree Stuartt’s glamorous make-up studio. Nestled in lush, tropical grounds, the studio is complete with flattering lighting, luxurious make-up and a serenity that melts away your worries.

Glamour High Tea makeup studio

Maree Stuartt, makeup artist to the stars, knows how to take the confusion out of makeup. She guides you through an entertaining, hands-on workshop where you gain confidence, learn how to highlight your features, and discover the secrets of Hollywood movie stars.

“Make-up helps you ooze confidence! Yet, I’ve found not everyone knows how to apply it and that’s why I love sharing the amazing tips I’ve learned throughout my film career.”

Now that you feel and look good, it’s time to relax and unwind. In a rejuvenating rainforest setting, you indulge in high tea: champagne, boutique teas, tantalising savouries and sweets. The ambience and treats are sure to nourish your body, mind and spirit. You will walk away feeling refreshed, confident and with memories to cherish.

Glamour High Tea is Maree Stuartt’s signature event. These one of a kind, indulgent experiences are available Wednesday to Sunday to groups of 4-6, $190 pp.

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