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30 Day Healthy Living Program by Ingrid

The 30 day Healthy Living Program has started! When an Arbonne package filled with the Healthy Living Program goodies arrived at my door, I knew D day was imminent. That’s right, along with my family and friends, I’m committed to completing this challenge – and feeling healthier for it 🙂 As part of this 30 day program, I have a brave guest blogger who will give us daily updates and share her journey with us. Allow me to introduce you to Ingrid.

Hi everyone! Well, I am very excited to be doing this challenge and, as Maree just explained, I will be blogging daily to let you know what is happening and how I am feeling. A little background on me: I am 47 years young and a mother to 2 teenage children, well young adults really – 19 & 17. As most of us mothers tend to do, I got so busy with life that I stopped putting time aside for me and really just ate on the run, not thinking about what I was eating. As the years went on the weight went on, and, as I was only eating a meal a day if I was lucky, my metabolism stopped. I’m sure some of you reading this are nodding your head knowing this story only too well.

In late August last year my youngest got her license, which meant she could finally drive herself to school – and I could get my morning an afternoons back. We live in the city and my daughter went to school at Redcliffe (a 1 1/2- 2 hour round trip each way), so a lot of my day was in the car. I started to walk in the mornings and began bike riding 2-3 times a week. This was great as it started to clear my mind; but, still my eating habits were not good. After years of not eating properly I was finding it very hard to change, and the weight I had gained was sticking to me.

Maree mentioned the 30 day Healthy Living Challenge in one of our meetings. When she called to ask would I like to do it, I knew it was the thing for me. Great shakes and food that fills me up, and I can even make them ahead of time. This is going to be a REAL challenge for me as it is a complete change from my current lifestyle.

Each day I will be blogging to record what is happening and how I am feeling. There will also be some video blogs and you can follow my journey on Maree Suartt’s Facebook page. If you have any questions at all please feel free to send them.

I hope you enjoy the ride. If you would like to join me just contact Maree so she can send you all the details.


p.s I’ve attached a photo of myself receiving the box of goodies from Arbonne. Will also be posting a starting shot in the next blog so as time passes we’ll be able to see my transformation.

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