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Following Your Calling

Following Your Calling

Are you following your calling? You know, that feeling inside that’s urging you towards something. It may feel scary or risky, so you’ve chosen not to follow through; yet, a large piece of you knows – with certainty – your ultimate happiness lives within this thing you feel called to do. Callings come in all… Read more

Change One Thing

Happy lady embracing change

(It’s easier than you think) “The smallest change in perspective can transform a life. What tiny attitude adjustment might turn your world around?” – Oprah It sometimes feels like nothing turns out the way we expect. Work is no fun, relationship is a struggle and our body feels like a foreigner invading our space. Even… Read more

Why Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise?

“Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise twice a day.” I’m sure you’ve heard beauty experts say this time and time again. But, why is it important and how does it affect your makeup? One thing I learned working on film sets is that makeup doesn’t stay on well if your face isn’t cleansed, toned & moisturised. Either… Read more

MUST HAVE eyebrow tips from a Celebrity Makeup Artist


Full, well-defined eyebrows are hot right now. Achieving this look – knowing how to shape and the best ways to apply makeup – isn’t always easy. This question from Eren, one of my makeup students, covers many of the concerns I’ve heard lately. Recently, I shared with her my MUST HAVE eyebrow tips and thought… Read more

Your 5 Minute Makeup Routine

5 minute makeup routine

Looking for an easy 5 minute makeup routine? Want to look photo fabulous in just 5 minutes? Excellent! You’re in the right place. Have you found with your crazy-busy lifestyle, and with people snapping random pictures & selfies everywhere, that finding the time to look at least half way decent can be a challenge? If… Read more

Shifting A Should Mindset

Should Mindset

Is a Should Mindset ruling your life? If you feel trapped, frustrated and have the urge to say ‘No more!’, you may be living in a world of Shoulds. I get it. Recently I was caught up in this mindset too, which is why I conducted a little experiment. Actually, it wasn’t little. It involved… Read more

Change Your Life and Live The Dream

Change Your Life

Funnily enough, this month I’ve been educating my tribe about #takingarisk. They always say you teach what you need to learn. I’m curious, have you ever dreamed of doing something; something that you’ll never give up on and know in your heart that this dream WILL one day come true, regardless of how crazy it… Read more

Meeting my Earth Angel


Have you met an Earth Angel? Yes, earth angels do exist and they’re all around us. I’ve been lucky enough to meet 2 in my life so far, and I’d like to tell you about them. The 1st is my loving husband, Greg. Our story is quite a fascinating one, so I promise to share… Read more

Making Decisions Sexy

Making Decisions Sexy

Decisions. Making decision doesn’t sound very sexy, I know. However achieving our goals and desires is very sexy and extremely fulfilling. I’m here to remind you that making a Decision is, in fact, the only thing that will move us forward to create change in our life. But, where do we start? 🤔 I find… Read more

Get Your SHINE On

Shine On - Maree Stuartt

It’s time to Get Your Shine On! For me, getting your Shine On = Authentically living in your highest potential, full of joy and inner confidence. Many people believe that shining is related to feeling worthy. I totally disagree. For starters, I believe the word ‘worthiness’ could be totally wiped from our vocabulary. It sends the wrong message. Instead, let’s… Read more

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