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Autumn Makeup & Beauty Tips

Autumn Beauty Tips

As a Celebrity Makeup Artist, I love finding just the right shade to match my client’s features (Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hugh Jackman and Paris Hilton, just to name a few). Recently, my makeup bio and Arbonne V.P. status, caught the eye of Alicia Manuela of The Good Beauty Co.. It was a pleasure sharing with her my favourite Autumn makeup & beauty tips.

AM: There’s nothing worse than going to a big event, like a wedding, and watching your makeup disappear as the night goes on. What’s your top tip for makeup that lasts all day and into the evening? 

MS: The Arbonne Makeup Primer is a must! It helps makeup stay on all day and I love the velvety smooth feel it gives to skin. Additionally, if your skin tends to be oily, keep a Sheer Pressed Powder compact in your clutch to touch up any shine.

AM: What’s your favourite thing about makeup?

MS: I see makeup as an accessory to an outfit, like a piece of jewelry. I love having fun with it to enhance an outfit and make it pop. It’s amazing how a bright lippy can add confidence and lift your mood instantly.

AM: What’s your best makeup secret?

MS: Blend, blend, blend. By booking a session with me you’ll learn how to blend foundation and eye shadow properly using current trends. This will make all the difference to your look.


Miss Teen Universe Australia

(Above: Me demonstrating on Miss Teen Universe Australia, Gabrielle Guinhot.)

AM: Smoky or Natural eyes?

MS: I truly love both, and every season the trend changes. Personally, I’m more partial to a soft smoky eye.

AM: What drew you to Arbonne Cosmetics above all the other premium makeup brands?

MS: They’re long lasting and truly give beauty with benefits. The makeup hydrates and treats your skin while you wear it, complimenting your skincare. I love the flawless airbrush look you can achieve with Arbonne’s foundations. As a makeup artist, it’s nice to use products that do part of the work for me!

AM: What’s more glamorous, being a celebrity makeup artist or an Arbonne V.P.?

MS: That’s a really good question. Working with celebrities can be loads of fun and film sets often take me travelling. Fortunately, I’ve been able to travel to amazing locations and now have some incredible stories and memories . However, being full time on a film set is not as glamorous as it sounds. Long hours, standing in all types of weather, night shoots from afternoon until sunrise – it can be very demanding.

Being an Arbonne Vice President is where I actually get to be glamorous and treated like the film star! Arbonne is a very rewarding company and as a V.P. you’re given the royal treatment, adorned with gifts, flowers, jewelry, beautiful dining experiences, travel, world-class training and amazing 5 star adventures. The other advantage is that I get to choose when and where I work, giving me more freedom to do the things I enjoy.

AM: What’s one key tip about makeup you can leave us with?

MS:  Choose one key trend and incorporate it into your look, making your makeup look current/”now”. Don’t be afraid to explore, embrace colour, practise and have fun with it.

AM: Thanks Maree! 

If you’d like the confidence to rock autumn trends and learn what colours suit you best in the cooler months, why not book a cosmetics session for yourself?

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