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Change Your Life and Live The Dream

Change Your Life

Funnily enough, this month I’ve been educating my tribe about #takingarisk. They always say you teach what you need to learn.

I’m curious, have you ever dreamed of doing something; something that you’ll never give up on and know in your heart that this dream WILL one day come true, regardless of how crazy it seems?

Hmmmm, when does ‘one day’ come?

Too easily, we get caught in the vortex of the life we’ve already created, allowing ours dreams to become fantasies; things we imagine when we aren’t feeling fulfilled in our current life.

Perhaps the fantasy is far more enticing than the actual change or adventure.


Because change brings uncertainty.

Lots of unknowns that conger up the ‘what ifs’. Fear of the challenges it might bring, and fear that we’ll miss our old lifestyle or that we’ve made the wrong choice.

Too often we play with the idea, but never truly commit.

……..Until, one day comes!!

Change your life…

Well, that’s how it played out for me.

My husband and I have always had a dream of sailing around the Mediterranean on a catamaran. We’ve talked about it and he’s researched catamarans on the internet for years.

I’ve often fantasised how simple life would be. We’d be relaxing and having fun adventures. Just think of the amazing opportunities that could open up for us.

‘One day I’ll live in the south of France for a period of my life’ is something I’ve always blurted out. Sometimes, it catches me by surprise and I wonder where this instinctive drive comes from.

After talking about the dream for so long, it was feeling like we were happy to simply mull these fantasies around and keep the dream alive in our imaginations.


We had just celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary, feeling blessed and very grateful for carving out the fabulous lifestyle we have. Even though we have wonderful friends and family, a beautiful home, and a very happy, healthy, harmonious life we absolutely love, we still felt something was missing. We felt unfulfilled.

Perhaps we had become a little complacent, even somewhat bored with this wonderful lifestyle. Our souls craved another adventure together. Even though I had a successful business, it was feeling a little stale and I was finding it difficult to get out of my own way and take it to the next level. Greg loved his working adventures, but that meant we often had to spend large chunks of time apart. Our relationship/marriage had become, dare I say, a little stale and predictable. We had both learnt to enjoy our own time and space. We were lacking that magical connection.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Greg was offered the possibility of working on a film in the Mediterranean. Bingo! The universe had given us the perfect opportunity to pack up and start implementing our dream of sailing the Mediterranean….or had it.

Was our dream calling us? Was it tempting us to say Yes to this incredible opportunity?

Is it possible to appreciate everything we have, yet still crave something more? I personally believe this is why we are here, to experience life to its fullest.

This was the situation we were in – extremely grateful for what we have; yet, desiring more, something different and exciting.

This was our opportunity to pack up and start implementing our dream of sailing the Mediterranean.

How exciting!! Yes, at first.

The delimma…

…Fear set in as we started taking steps towards it. All the what ifs felt like they’d been dumped on us, and our heads were swarming with fears and challenges. Rent or sell? So much needed to be done: packing, deciding what to keep and what to let go of, finding somewhere to store everything. What about all the other things that need to be taken care of so that we can live abroad indefinitely?

It’s crazy how wild our monkey mind can be when we let fear take over.

I admit we both became reactive to the chaos of these fears (probably me more so, which surprised me as I believed I was more open to change). Even though, everyday we took steps towards the goal, I felt like I was imploding.

After not sleeping one night (thanks to my monkey mind🐵), I got up in the still of the morning and journaled. Journalling has always been a way to bring peace and clarity to my raging thoughts. After writing out what I don’t want, what doesn’t work and what I do want,  I came to a place of realisation that all these fears and revolving thoughts were actually a process of purging my biggest, deepest fear:

What if I lost everything?

As soon as I wrote this on paper my tears flowed and flowed and flowed. It felt like my heart was purging such a deep seated fear, one that I didn’t even realise was there and that had kept me in a fear and LACK mentality. As soon as I realised this was purging, a sense of calm and peace came over me. The smile returned to my face. All I truly want is to operate from an Abundance mentality, trusting the universe and this wonderful world.

Who would have thought that this goal would ✨spark such an important healing within.

Live the dream…

Looking at it with a new perspective, I considered the worst possible thing that could happen. I’d have to start all over again at the age of 48, which, in a way, brings a feeling of excitement and freshness.

One thing I do know is that the only constant in life is Change. I’ve learnt, if we don’t choose the change we want, we often become part of someone’s else plan for change. This could be the government, our boss, our spouse, our health etc….

I’ve always been driven to create a life I love and to inspire others to do the same. What I’ve found is that when we create from Lack, we get more lack. But, when we are willing to breathe into the black and embrace a sense of ‘everything is working out for me’, doors fly open.

And that is exactly what I did that day. Every time the what if’s, lack mentality and fear arose, I kept breathing and bringing in a sense of Everything is working out for me, All is well, I am safe. Overtime this brought me a sense of peace.

This started the momentum and Abundance vibration in my new life.

Stay tuned to see what happens next…………


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