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Day 1 – 30 Day Healthy Living Program

Hi everyone,

Well here we are Day 1 and all seems to be going well so far. Woke up and instead of my usual 2 cups of tea I had a lemon and hot water (not too bad) and then about 30 minutes later I made the shake. Now this blog is about being completely honest and I’m going to do that!


I made the chocolate protein shake, which smells very nice and then added the fibre booster,  the greens balance, 1/4 of an avocado and 1 cup of water. Blitzed that up in the bullet blender thing we have and said to myself ignore the colour this will taste fine, it’s only the colour of sludge, but that’s ok will taste yum. One mouthful and that baby came straight back out into the sink I couldn’t even swallow it….. sweet lord what is that flavour???? Sorry, but I can’t mix all of that together and seriously get that down my throat…. right plan B was put into action. I decided that because I really can’t mix all of those things together I would mix the protein powder with the fibre booster (I only use 1/2 a scoop until I know how powerful that fibre is!!!!) water and ice. Right it’s in the blender and we are off. Poured it out…. so far so good….. took first sip and I mean SIP…. not bad I can swallow that – in fact it tastes like a chocolate thickshake (image below)!!!! So, I then decided that as I still needed the good fat of the avocado, I would just put some pepper on that and eat it as is. Ahhhhhh breakfast is done and I felt full, well of course I would my stomach doesn’t usually see a glimpse of anything until around 1pm, so man they had a field day in there! My stomach loved it sooooo much that an hour later I got the knock on my stomach to say ‘can we have some more of that food stuff please?’ Greedy already, so 10 almonds went down to keep the natives from staging an all out war on me!!!


Now it’s lunch time and I think I’ll make another one of those shakes and maybe have a boiled egg. Will keep you up to date. Oh and I’ve already drunk about 2 litres of water as well…. yes the toilet is VERY close by!!


Time for another shake and I’m actually looking forward to this. I have been out and bought some berries to add to my chocolate delight (as I call it), and am ready to begin the process. All the ingredients in the blender thing and we are off whizzing. Then as I go to grab a glass I get to thinking….. Do you think if I put this in a wine or even better a cocktail glass my mind will actually think I am having a NON ALLOWED beverage??? Well, never say I don’t like to test my theories (picture below).

lunch shake in cocktail glass

Yep I feel like I’m having a cocktail…. dash of Vodka in this baby would taste AWESOME….only kidding. Am feeling pretty good. Next will be the excitement of carrots and hommus….I might really live a little and have a few almonds as well.


I can’t remember the last time I was so excited that it was dinner time. In fact, I was that excited I was having what our family calls a pensioner dinner, dinner at 5.30pm. I was off to visit a friend’s mother with her and we were having an early dinner, which I was happy to start at 4.30pm if they wanted. So off we set and I start drooling at the thought of dinner, sort of like Homer does in the Simpson with Donuts and Beer. Yep, I know the image is now in your head. Then it hits me….. the restaurants we go to where her Mum lives probably contain everything on the ‘NAUGHTY’ list and very little on the ‘ALLOWED’ list. Frantically we start looking at menus as we drive up there to see what my options were. By this stage the natives were very restless. I’m sure the little people controlling my brain were sending messages to them saying ‘we may end up with a yummy pasta here guys’, and they were VERY excited at that! So, we arrive at Mum’s place and ask about a restaurant. We discovered it’s actually not very nice and, unless we would like to lose half our body weight in 3 days, we should probably not go there. I have to tell you I had to really consider that as it’s one way to shed some weight I guess…. Oh did I say that in my outside voice? I must have from the looks I was receiving!!! So we settle on the local tavern and thank the gods there was a grass fed piece of steak on the menu, amongst all the fried or completely covered in cheese and sauce things, with yummy HOT CHIPS or JACKET POTATO, salad and a selection of sauces. Hello may I please have the steak hold the chips hold the sauce and I’ll have a double helping of salad thank you. Sorry what would I like dressing on that salad? No thank you please hold the dressing. Obviously I had something on my face from the way she was staring at me. So dinner was consumed and the natives weren’t particularly happy but they settled and I won the first round with the minions controlling my brain. I came home and of course having eaten dinner at pensioner hour, by 8pm I was a bit hungry… Man almonds have never tasted so good!!

So day 1 down and really it was fine. It’s amazing how when you actually give your body some fuel in the morning it becomes so demanding and wants more through the day. Really there’s nothing wrong with having to run to the toilet 100 times a day from all that water surely!!! Off to bed now as day 2 requires an early rise for the usual 30km bike ride with the girls and a coffee stop…….. OH NO I can’t have coffee tomorrow!!!!


p.s Discover why I’m doing the 30 day Healthy Living Program.

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