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Day 3 – 30 Day Healthy Living Program

This picture pretty much sums up how I’m feeling today. Day 3 has not started with the same ‘jump out of bed I feel AWESOME’ tone; it’s more like the cat above. I have a bit of a headache and I could totally stay in bed with the covers over my head pretending it’s Sunday. They always say Day 3 is the hardest, and it has started that way. I’d hate to be a person who has coffee everyday because, even me who may have 3 a week, wants coffee NOW!!!!

I have been a responsible parent and adult and warned Girl Child of the situation. She’s aware of the likely hood that world war 3 would begin in our house if she decides today is her day to be moody (Boy Child is in Canada at this point and, apparently, is very thankful to be there).

So, lets have one of those lemon water things and see if it helps. I have woken due to the fact that the stomach natives are grumbling, they need something down there so I’ll drown them with some lemon water. Right, that’s done. Can I start to function yet? NOPE….. ok, I’ll take Mr Noodles for his morning walk as that should get things going. Why is it that on the day you just want to go for a quick walk the dog decides he has to stop and sniff every bush and blade of grass? Not to mention, on the day you really don’t feel like talking, there’s 10 people who stop to tell you how cute your dog is!! aargggggg

Ok, time for that all important let’s see if I have lost any weight from the previous day…..woo hoo 600grams GONE!!!! Well, at least that brought a smile to my face. Who knew this eating, detoxing thing would help me lose weight so well!?

Now it’s time to get the day started and it’s breakfast time…….

Before and After

Girl Child has decided that the photography should be a little more professional than just my grab and snap ones, so she has taken over this responsibility. This shake was YUM! I am really enjoying the shakes and can see that, even after this 30 days, I will still be having them. They really do fill you up and give you the energy you need to get through. I made this one using the vanilla and some blueberries. Was delicious!!!

Vanilla and blueberry protein shake

It is a pretty big work day today as I have 2 afternoon meetings and both are at restaurants/bars………. This is going to be interesting, my first real test as usually these guys like to get me a drink (Beer) to have through the meeting. A meeting in this industry isn’t a meeting unless there is food and a drink!!!

So, I have found that I am actually getting hungrier as this challenge goes on. It doesn’t matter that I’m drinking the amount of water a farmer needs to water his 100 hectares of crops. I am sure I’m solely causing the drought… AND I still want to eat. Now, I’m told this is a good thing as my metabolism is starting to increase. I have gone back into the list of snacks and am now trolling the Facebook group page to see what people are making as snacks. I can see I will be spending time cooking this weekend to keep up the supply of food I’ll need next week.

So, it’s now 2pm and I am only just having my lunch – AGAIN!!! I really have to start getting this time thing down pat; but, in my defence, when I’m not riding, I sleep in a bit as I prefer to work later into the evening, rather than the mornings. On those days, my breakfast is usually around 9am, which for a lot of people is morning tea time. So, I’m having my shake and getting ready for my 2 meetings, first one is at 3pm. Best go to the loo before I go, nothing worse than being in a meeting busting!!!

Oh Spag Bol for dinner tonight with Zucchini Pasta. Looking forward to that!!

I made it out ALIVE, well nearly!!!

First meeting went really well, once they lifted themselves up off the floor from laughing so hard after I said no to a beer or coffee and just water would do. First response “Are you hungover?” “No, I’m NOT hungover” (mmmmm beer, mmmm wine  – stop brain, people stop). “Are you not well?” “No, I’m fine, I’m detoxing” Laughter and rolling on floor begins!! I have to say my mind was so clear during that meeting, and I had some awesome ideas for their marketing/social media. I was on FIRE, ideas just kept popping into my head and I felt awesome. Phew first one down. Ok, 2nd one maybe a bit harder as usually drink is on the table at arrival.

Yep, I arrive and there it is sitting on the table. I really don’t want to offend them. Greetings are done, usual chit chat, and they notice I haven’t had a sip of my drink. Now, this next bit reminds me of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where Aunt Tula invites her nieces fiancee for dinner only to be told he’s a vegetarian and she says ‘No problem, I’ll cook lamb!! “Is your drink ok?” “Yes, it’s fine thank you. It’s just that I’m doing a detox and this is on the NO NO list for 30 days” The 3 brothers look at each other and go “No problem, we’ll get you a vodka!!” So, apparently Vodka, Lime and Soda is a part of a detox program!! Yes, I did drink it. You know what I thought? Oh well, at least it was only 1 as sometimes in life you just have to go with these things.

Dinner was devine. I did the zucchini noodles in chilli oil, salt and pepper and they went perfectly with the spaghetti sauce. Sorry, I keep forgetting to take photos of dinner so will make a conscious effort to get Girl Child onto that.

Another few hours of work then bed!!

p.s I’m off to bed, but letting you know I had a green apple and almond butter to get me through.


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