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Woman holding a magnificent pink heart

What would it take for you to feel inspired and magnificent? 

Truth be told, most of us spend the majority of our focussed attention designing a life based on feelings that aren’t magnificent. See, creation is a simple design – where we focus our thoughts and attention, energy will follow.

Imagine this…play with me for a little. Visualise yourself in the exact place you want to be, feeling exactly how you want to feel. Breath and embrace this – your mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality.

Congratulations, you just took your focus away from all the things you don’t want and redirected your focus onto the things you do. These are the first steps to feeling magnificent. Seems simple, doesn’t it?

At the same time, we are both focusing and un-focusing mechanisms. We usually only practice either one of these; but, we are both. Focus on what you do want and be creative with it, then refine it and put effort in to achieving it. Then, when you come across things that don’t serve you, pay little attention to them and un-focus your attention on them.

The key is being able to shift between focusing and un-focusing your attention, so that you hit the natural flow of creation. Doing this forms a kind of current going down stream that lines you up with all you desire; but, if you hold on and don’t surrender to the process, you will suffer, stagnate and find the river knocking you against the rocks. You get to choose, and why not choose being magnificent.

Here’s a few additional tips:

1.Throw your hands up in the air – and let go!
2.Do it again!
3.Relax your hand, open your palms and let the old stuff go!
4.Start fresh with your ideas and keep this process going throughout life.

Life is easy when you know how!

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