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Beautiful Eyeshadow & Eyebrows – Vlog

Natural Eye Makeup

“Eyes are the window to the soul.” I love this saying and often think of it when applying my eye makeup.

Creating a natural eye makeup look is easy…when you know how. Do you struggle or lack confidence when applying your eye makeup? Many of you have told me that between eye primers, brushes, colours and gels that you’re unsure of what to use when and where. I get it, there’s a lot of options out there; but, when you have a few tricks up your sleeve, applying eye makeup is simple.

I’ve created a short eye makeup tutorial video that shows you how to easily create natural eye makeup using 3 layers of eyeshadow, and also how to define your eyebrows. This fun video is filled with simple tips and fresh ideas that will have you applying your eye makeup like a pro. Come play with me while we explore the world of eye makeup.

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