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Get Your SHINE On

Shine On - Maree Stuartt

It’s time to Get Your Shine On!

For me, getting your Shine On = Authentically living in your highest potential, full of joy and inner confidence.

Many people believe that shining is related to feeling worthy.

I totally disagree.

For starters, I believe the word ‘worthiness’ could be totally wiped from our vocabulary. It sends the wrong message. Instead, let’s consider your Potential. Each and everyone of us has amazing potential inside, it’s up to each of us to discover and explore it so we can shine to our fullest.

Often, we find ourselves doing things out of fear of saying ‘No’, or ‘Maybe’ to fit in with the status quo. Perhaps you’re living someone else’s dream, not yours?? This is disempowering and only serves to dull your shine.

I understand that growth happens out of our comfort zone and that stretching ourselves doesn’t always feel fabulous. In fact, it can feel scary. However, what I’ve learned is that fear and excitement sit in the same place and have a similar vibe/feeling.

Perfect example… I was recently asked to do a presentation in front of 350 people. Did this come naturally? No way – I had to plan, prepare and practice. Part of me was excited to get up and inspire people with my knowledge and wisdom, yet part of me was trembling in my boots.

What if I forget what to say?

What if I’m not good?

What if..…..?

We all know the 2 voices that surface when we’re offered a chance to shine.

The secret is knowing how to move through these voices and feelings.

3 Key Steps To Getting Your Shine On

1. Embrace when to say Yes

It’s amazing what opportunities open up when we learn to say NO to things that don’t bring us joy. This video from Derek Sivers is worth checking out “Hell Yes” or a “No” Methodology”. 

2. Learn to trust your intuition

Let yourself know that everything is working out for you. I love to repeat this mantra to myself “Everything is working out for me”. The more you hear  it, the more you believe it.

3. Move your body daily

Yoga, walking, exercise, etc. helps your mind and body to flow together. When they are in sync, your energy becomes more joyful and you naturally SHINE.

For more tips on how to get your shine on, head over to my Facebook page and join in the fun. See you there 🙂


xo Maree

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