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Makeup Boosts Confidence

Young girl who is confidence because of make-up

I’m always excited when a guest blogger joins the Inspire Evolve Create family.

Meet Rochelle Roberts, an enthusiastic writer who enjoys sharing her inspiration and confidence with others. One of Rochelle’s specialities is keeping people informed about what’s happening in the world. The stage is yours, Rochelle.

Girls looking for professional makeup advice will have the opportunity to attend a master class with celebrity makeup artist Maree Stuartt at Robina Library on August 6.

Maree Stuartt Celebrity Makeup Artist on the Gold Coast

Celebrity makeup artist, Maree Stuartt

Ms Stuartt has worked as a professional makeup artist for more than 20 years, and said that makeup is something that we aren’t taught to do properly.

Studies have shown that the application of makeup is an important ritual in the transition from adolescence, and an important factor in determining teenage girls’ self esteem.

Maree demonstrating makeup application

Maree Stuartt demonstrating makeup application on Ashleigh Neale at the masterclass.

“We hide when we don’t feel good” Ms Stuartt said.

Ms Stuartt said she hopes that young people leave the event knowing how simple and fun makeup can be.

“To have that confidence so they can go for an interview or they can walk around and feel good about themselves,” Ms Stuartt said.

The class, aimed at 13-17 year olds, promises to teach lots of tips and tricks.

Local resident Giselle Roberts said she would be attending the event.

“I like how we can all go and learn how to do it in a group with a makeup artist, it’s better than a YouTube video,” Miss Roberts said.

Maree Stuartt hosting a make-up masterclass

Budding Gold Coast film student and model for the day, Ashleigh Neal, poses with Maree Stuartt after the masterclass at Robina Library.

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