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Making Decisions Sexy

Making Decisions Sexy


Making decision doesn’t sound very sexy, I know. However achieving our goals and desires is very sexy and extremely fulfilling.

I’m here to remind you that making a Decision is, in fact, the only thing that will move us forward to create change in our life.

But, where do we start? πŸ€”

I find the first decision we need to make often relates to what we DON’T WANT and what we’ve HAD ENOUGH of.

This usually fuels us to focus on what we DO WANT. It’s only then, when we’ve gained clarity, that we can set an intention and DECIDE to take steps towards it.Β It’s amazing what we can create….and it has nothing to do with luck, it’s purely intentional.

As a Libran, I admit that making decisions hasn’t always been the easiest thing for me. I’ve spent far too much time weighing the pros and cons, often going around in circles. Other times, I’ve jumped right in and made a decision, which usually happens when I feel really excited about something.

Thanks to my journey, there’s a few interesting things I’ve learned about Decisions. I’d like to share these with you and have tried to juice them up into a simple 3 step process.

1) Be mindful when making decisions

Ask yourself, ‘Is my energy caught up/frustrated in what’s not working? or ‘Am I deciding from a place that supports my dreams and desires?

It’s smart to recognise when you’ve had enough or when something is not working; however, making a decision from this space of frustration can be detrimental. It can cause you to make a decision that is not in alignment with want you TRULY want, and it can also make it tricky to follow through with what you’ve decided.

When I realise something needs to shift, I first accept that I need to make a change, rather than jumping in and making a reactive decision. I give myself time to breath and let go of the frustration/anxiety. I find it best to do something that makes me feel good, and then, when my energy is feeling good, I use it make decisions that I know I’ll commit to.

2) MAKE A DECISION and life provides you with feedback and experience. From there you can make another Decision.

Often, we get overwhelmed with trying to make the ‘right’ decision; but, this only leads to confusion and stagnation. Of course, gathering facts and figures can be helpful. However, there’s no need to wait until you have ALL the details in place, e.g. $$, Skills, Contacts, Team. Get as many of your ducks in a row as you can, and then make a decision. Please don’t procrastinate or try to be a perfectionist as this often leads to missed opportunities. Trust that when you – Make the Decision and Consistently Take Steps Towards Achieving It – the rest slots into place.

3) Once you’ve made a Decision, ask yourself ‘Am I playing 100% fullout?’

Playing fullout means being dedicated to your Decision and making choices that support it. It’s about giving you clarity in the followthrough and helping you make future decisions that are in alignment with what you’ve already decided you want.

For example, Be Bold and Shine is my intention for 2017, and, in order to achieve this, I must make decisions throughout the year that are in alignment with this statement. Decisions that consider:

  • whether new opportunities are congruent with my goals
  • if I’m letting myself get distracted or taken away from my goal
  • will what I’m about to do move me closer towards my dream.

So…..are You currently playing fullout???

I’m pleased to say I am most of the time (I’m only human). The 1st 6 months of this year have been amazing for me, and it’s all because I’ve played 100% fullout. Since January, I’ve been mindful, mostly decisive and made sure that my choices are in alignment with my Be Bold and Shine intention. I’d love to share with you some of these fun experiences.

Trust me, if you can grasp these tips for making clear, authentic Decisions, you’ll be on the road to creating a life you love.

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