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MUST HAVE eyebrow tips from a Celebrity Makeup Artist


Full, well-defined eyebrows are hot right now.

Achieving this look – knowing how to shape and the best ways to apply makeup – isn’t always easy. This question from Eren, one of my makeup students, covers many of the concerns I’ve heard lately. Recently, I shared with her my MUST HAVE eyebrow tips and thought you’d like to know them too.

Thanks for your makeup course, Maree. I’ve learned so much! The only thing I still need help with is my eyebrows. I’ve seen women apply makeup on their eyebrows where they don’t have hair. They look drawn on and block shaped. Some women apply this nicely and it looks great, but not others.

Unfortunately, my eyebrows don’t have a natural symmetrical shape and I’m struggling to achieve this look. They go downward and, when I let my eyebrow hair grow, it comes in randomly and looks unclean. I’ve begun shaping my eyebrows using a template and drawing on eyebrows where I have no hair. It looks okay, but I can tell it’s not a natural look and after a couple of hours the colour comes off and I need to reapply. Do you have any tips for applying my eyebrow makeup? Thanks, Eren”

Hi Eren,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m glad you loved the course 🙂

Eyebrows can be tricky to tame as hair growth can be unpredictable. Here’s my MUST HAVE Eyebrow Tips that will help you achieve the look you want.

Use a Template

Using a template to shape your brows is an excellent place to begin. The trick when using it is to make sure you don’t OVER pluck, as removing too much hair is the biggest mistake I see. Simply pluck around the template shape and you will naturally encourage hair growth within the shape.

Drawn-On Eyebrows

As for drawn-on eyebrows, this look is fabulous on some people. However, I find it doesn’t suit everyone.

Ask yourself – What look do I want?
If you’re after heavy, defined brows, block drawing-in works well. From experience, this usually compliments those with dark features better, and is sometimes a little heavy on blondes.

Natural Brows

If a more natural, defined brow is your intention, begin by using a template. Ensure you use feathered strokes applied in an upward motion (like I demonstrate in the course video), rather than solid strokes. This is how you achieve a soft look with defined eyebrows that look like hair, rather than eyebrows that have been pasted on.

Long Lasting Colour

The difference between colour staying, and it fading quickly, is often related to what you’re using to apply the colour. My top tip is to use a clear eyebrow gel, swiping it in an upward motion over your eyebrows to hold the shape you’ve created. If you don’t have clear eyebrow gel, try using clear mascara or spray a little hair spray on your finger and gently pat it over your eyebrows.

I hope this helps and look forward to hearing how you go.

💋Cheers, Maree


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