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It’s never too late to Change

Maree embracing change

I’m so excited.

Today, I received a phone call from my Mum. She was bursting with joy, a kind of joy that makes me smile and motivates me to keep following my dreams.

As a daughter and grown woman, it fills my heart with joy to hear excitement in Mum’s voice. She, and my Nan, have been 2 of the most inspiring women in my life. They’ve led by example and consistently shown me it’s never too late to change.

Mum, like many other women in her generation, started her working life in an office. After starting a family, Mum left her career and dedicated her life to raising us 3 kids and being a loving wife to our Dad.

Dad was a Radio Technician at the local airport. He worked hard, but with so many bills to pay–the mortgage, school excursions, uniforms, clothes, sports, etc.–the finances became a little tight.

Mum decided to get a job to ease the financial strain. Once we were in high school she became a book keeper for the local nursing home. Now, this may not have been where my Mum envisioned she would end up; but, she never complained and gave 100% to whatever she did.

This job never really took advantage of Mum’s natural creative flair (which she passed onto all of us kids). I love her creative imagination and how she always tells such amazing stories.

At the age of 65 Mum decided to take up art and painting. I’m so pleased she did. I love watching how much she enjoys it and how she learns and grows through the painting process.

As we know, the cost of painting materials adds up, especially when you’re retired. Cleverly, Mum tapped into her creative thinking and decided to enter her local art exhibitions. Now, this took courage as that little voice of doubt crept in and said “Your paintings aren’t good enough, etc….”. It’s because of her courage and self-belief that she was able to let go of the outcome and say “Well, you’ve got to be in it to win it. At the very least I don’t sell anything; even then I’d still have a painting I could give away”.

With that attitude in toe, Mum went and exhibited her art in the local C.ex Coffs Art Show.

This is where it gets extra exciting!!

It’s this exhibition that led to Mum selling her 1st painting and being commissioned by another total stranger to paint a picture. She was even shown on the local news:

CEX Coffs Harbour Art Show

Lessons I learned from this experience:

1. You’re never too old to start a new career or passion

2. Know the voice of doubt and don’t let fear creep in

3. Employ your courage – let go of the outcome & DO it anyway!

If you are struggling, or know you want to create change, contact me today.


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