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How To Shine This Winter

winter makeup tips

Want to shine this winter?

The cooler season is a time of inner reflection and change. If you embrace this energy and go with the flow, you’ll discover how to radiate with confidence and sparkle with happiness this season. So, grab your hot cocoa – it’s time to tweak your beauty regime and learn how to shine your way through winter.


winter foundation coloursGenerally we are paler in winter and need to use a slightly lighter foundation colour. Make sure you choose a shade that matches the tone of your skin.

Lip Colours

winter lip coloursWe tend to get away with deeper shades of lipsticks as clothes are generally heavier and darker. Don’t be afraid to mix in some bright colours with your darker winter tones. Look for Berry and Wine coloured lipsticks.

Cat Eyes

winter cat eye makeup

A sweeping cat eye is definitely on trend this winter. For best results, use liquid eyeliner and sweep upwards from the outer corner of your eye.

 Nourishing Facial Oil

winter nourishing oilMy ultimate favourite product this winter is Arbonne’s Nourishing Facial Oil. Do you find in the winter months your skin tends to be drier? For me, I notice little dry patches of skin on my nose and other areas. I have found that applying Arbonne’s Nourishing Facial Oil, prior to my moisturisers, gives my skin exactly the right amount of hydration and moisture it needs. When I wake up my skin feels so soft; dry patches disappear and my skin feels more radiant. You’ll be pleased to know the Nourishing Facial Oil is suitable for all skin types, even oily. If you’re skin needs super hydration you can purchase the Nourishing Facial Oil here.

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