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Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life

Transform your body woman

Did you know that when you transform your body, you transform your life?

Transformation is a beautiful thing and meaningful transformation involves body, mind and spirit. You may have noticed how when 1 of these areas transforms, the others seem to change by default. Isn’t the energy of life amazing?!

This beautiful, intricate connection is the perfect reason to love your physical self and, maybe, transform your body.

Have you noticed how food affects your body? Years ago I discovered an empowering concept: what I eat impacts how I feel and how receptive I am to change. This concept shifted my paradigm and played a massive role in the transformational journey I’ve taken over the past 20 or so years.

Are you ready for change? Do you need to transform your body so you can transform your life?

If transformation is what you seek, these 3 foodie tips can help you along your journey.

1. Go Gluten Free

Yes, I know this is a cliché statement; but, there’s good reason for it. Gluten is a tough, elastic protein that many people find difficult to digest. It contributes to bloating and a foggy mental state, making it difficult to tune into your deep, inner self. Can you see how going gluten free can open up your energy channels and make you more receptive to change?

2. Decrease Dairy

Ditching the dairy is popular with many health advocates. Why? There are many reasons; but, the one that resonates with me is that its damp, congesting, mucous-forming properties hinder the clear flow of energy around the body. Ultimately, this inhibits your ability to hear your intuition and trust your inner guidance. Did you know that listening to your intuition is massively important for change.

3. Cut the Caffeine

Sure, a little caffeine every now and then can be therapeutic – enjoy your morning coffee, take pleasure in a few squares of dark chocolate after dinner. The problem is when you have too much caffeine. A large intake puts your body into a hyper, then hypo, state by triggering your adrenals and overstimulating your nervous system; this messes with your hormones. Did you know this can cut you off from the stream of natural vitality and lucidity that is naturally available to you?

Open yourself to change. I find it best to test a new theory for a week or so, being observant of how I feel. Remember, choosing to eat healthy can help you transform your body and your life.

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