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Change: What are the keys to adapting?

Girl inspired to change and be healthy

The only guarantee in life is change. Surely, you’ve noticed life continuously throwing you twists, turns and curveballs. Sometimes change is forced upon us, whilst sometimes we choose it. Yes, change is always going to bring the elements of fear and excitement; but, what are the keys to embracing change?

1. Flexibility

Learn to be like the bamboo tree; sway in the wind, but don’t snap. By being flexible we recognise change as an opportunity to grow and solve problems in a creative way. It means going with the flow, not freaking out when the unexpected happens and being willing to consider that there might be a better way to do something.

2. Open mindedness

Be willing to not become attached to your programmed beliefs. From childhood, we become programmed with beliefs and patterns that, over time, soak into our unconscious. Many of these do not serve us in our higher good and restrict our receptivity. Becoming open minded helps to overcome these restrictions. You’ll know you’ve mastered it when you’re willing to view both sides of the story and look at something from a new perspective.

3. Trading expectations for appreciation

Learning to consciously release my expectations and trade them for appreciation is one of the most important factors that’s helped me adapt to change. We all have different levels of expectations, particularly around what others will, and will not, do for us. I’ve found I feel most stressed when I expect others to do something in a certain way. However, when I step back, breath and think ‘what do I appreciate about that person?’, I find they end up exceeding my expectations.

Do you ever take the time to sit with your beliefs and expectations, looking for what’s causing you to feel stuck or unhappy?

Maree’s Tips For Change

1. Schedule time once a week to sit quietly and think. Ask yourself: Does ________ really work for me; is it creating the life I want? Within this thinking time you may not come up with answers, but you’ve actually started to be open to a better way.

2. Keep a journal (it will help you examine your beliefs).

3. Breath in, feel the fear and be willing to flow with it anyway.

Remember, change doesn’t always come easy – it’s a continually evolving process.

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