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Autumn Makeup & Beauty Tips

Autumn Beauty Tips

As a Celebrity Makeup Artist, I love finding just the right shade to match my client’s features (Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hugh Jackman and Paris Hilton, just to name a few). Recently, my makeup bio and Arbonne V.P. status, caught the eye of Alicia Manuela of The Good Beauty Co.. It was a pleasure sharing with her my favourite Autumn… Read more

Finding Courage to Change


Do you LOVE your job? If you’re anything like the majority, you’re probably dissatisfied. Whether it’s your boss, your clients or the hours getting you down, finding courage to change is likely on your to-do list. My guest blogger, Clare Zivanovic, knows how this feels, and it’s a pleasure to have her share her story… Read more

Be Bold And Shine This Year

If your holiday season was anything like mine, it was busy. I hosted Christmas, had my beautiful family stay, friends dropping by and enjoyed lots of spontaneous events. But, now things have quietened down and work is back in full swing, I’ve started wondering how I’m going to maintain enough momentum to achieve my new… Read more

How to make 2017 your best year!

As I sit here sipping my herbal tea and typing these words, I’m feeling excited about the new year. My inbox (filled with astrology and numerology updates) tells me that 2017 is a #1 year and the energy is focused around Money, Miracles & Manifestation. Does it get any more exciting than that? The possibilities!! I… Read more

One Step At A Time

one step at a time

Have you ever climbed a mountain? I’ve climbed a few mountains in my time, and the last one was on my birthday. This mountain was HUGE! It easily dwarfed all the others I’ve climbed and, to top it off, I had to scale vertical rock faces to reach the peak. As I stood at the… Read more

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

stepping out of your comfort zone

Rewind to last month . . . An unexpected, unnerving thing just happened: I realised I’ve become too comfortable (almost bored) and need to step out of my comfort zone. You see, I used to be so focused and spontaneous. I had clear goals, finished projects efficiently, and loved making plans at the drop of… Read more

Who taught you to apply makeup?

For most women, no one does. It’s trial and error, testing colours with friends, and reading ‘how to’ guides that give us some confidence. In most cases, not even our Mums can teach us the best way to apply makeup because they were never taught themselves. That’s where this video comes in. As a celebrity… Read more

Are you up for a healthy challenge?

30 Days to Healthy Living

The 30-Days to Healthy Living Program is gearing up for it’s next round, and I’d love you to be part of this amazing, transformational journey. Why? Well, I’ve been interested in healthy eating and healthy living my whole life. I know how good it feels to swap the coffee for a green tea, and the… Read more

Carve Out Thinking Time

Care out thinking time

Years ago I was taught to carve out thinking time. I was told that if I scheduled alone time with myself, and used it to reflect on my dreams and goals, it would change my life. It did. Most of us want to make a change. We want a new job, new relationship, more money… Read more

How To Shine This Winter

winter makeup tips

Want to shine this winter? The cooler season is a time of inner reflection and change. If you embrace this energy and go with the flow, you’ll discover how to radiate with confidence and sparkle with happiness this season. So, grab your hot cocoa – it’s time to tweak your beauty regime and learn how to shine… Read more

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